Chiara Ariè “ the Golden Voice “, and Italian Pop opera singer from Los Angeles to Rome

The Italian Pop- Opera singer based in Los Angeles is breaking the music records with her new song “A domani “ (means: see you tomorrow ) in part of her new Album “PopOpera”. The music for this song is done by An international sound company, the Producer of Multi Grammy nomination, Max Calò.
Arie’ is the Italian opera singer in the pop industry that lives and performs in Los Angeles, California.
She is known for her amazing performances in America for luxury and high caliber events such as: MMA Smash Global, Oscar viewing Gala by Samira’s Network, A-list parties, Super Bowl parties and Fashion week events in Los Angeles. She had received many awards and trophies for her amazing contributions in the music industry from US and Italian organizations. She had entered into the Jamaican music chart as well with her song with co-performer and famous rap singer: Vybz Kartel called: “Foreplay” in C minor .

Chiara under her International Music Label “Ariè Production”, which is registered in America and through her music albums is trying to combine the two different music world.
The song “ A domani ” came out first in Italy on September 30th 2020 and immediately received a big success on the Italian radio and music tv channels, reaching so far to the the top 5 in the music chart. Her voice and music are having a big impact and appreciation from the audience right now in Italy for many reasons:

  • The soul and emotion that she puts on her music are something incredible and very powerful,
  • the international sound and this bridge between two music genre is another key factor that put Chiara to the next level
  • and her song “A domani” which means “see you tomorrow” is a great message to the world, specially at this moment with social distancing and pandemic issues.

“A domani” talks about how amazing is to literary tell each other “see you tomorrow”, it is an message of hope for those people that are in our lives, to those people that we know and may not be with us any more tomorrow, to those people that are enduring any difficulties side by side with us, os share their joy, happiness, sadness, and all kinds of emotions that are important for our survival. When we tell each other “see you tomorrow “ we mean there is a hope. Tomorrow will give us future, it will bring opportunities and with those opportunities we will have new life.

The whole world is now facing more challenges and need a message of hope for their future. Everybody wants to protect themselves for tomorrow; and we all know someone close to us that is challenging and struggling right now for their life and we all are putting all of our efforts to build that promising future by something that will fulfill this promise and it is with love and uniting our efforts. Anybody can be that person when we say “a domani”, either to our family member, to a boyfriend or girlfriend, or just to our best friend,  or even to our pet, perhaps to a person that may not be in our life anymore but will give that person the power to fight and believe that there is “Tomorrow”.

The music video is something incredible, It is shot in “Civita di Bagnoregio” in Italy, the meaning of the long walk on the bridge is the representation of our walk through challenges in the world. Video is taken during the sunrise in a place that is unique. And Chiara Arie’ is absolutely stunning with that dress and her crown that bring us hope of victory and to her victorious walk in pop-opera world.

Take a look at music video on Youtube – Arie’

and her Instagram page @chiara.arie, Spotify and all music platforms.