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March 19, 2021 Farah’s Kitchen

Farah’s Kitchen

Farah, after completing law school in Sydney, traveled to the Caribbean to spend time with her family. Instead of working in law, Farah decided to start making sourdough and croissants. Word soon spread and she started selling her products to friends, family and at the local farmers market.

Farah‘s Kitchen was born in February 2019 in Mangawhai,

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November 23, 2020 Chiara Ariè “ the Golden Voice “, and Italian Pop opera singer from Los Angeles to Rome

Chiara Ariè “ the Golden Voice “, and Italian Pop opera singer from Los Angeles to Rome

The Italian Pop- Opera singer based in Los Angeles is breaking the music records with her new song “A domani “ (means: see you tomorrow ) in part of her new Album “PopOpera”. The music for this song is done by An international sound company, the Producer of Multi Grammy nomination, Max Calò.
Arie’ is

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October 13, 2018 Oscars Viewing Gala 2019

Oscars Viewing Gala 2019

On Sunday February 24th Samira’s Network is hosting a black-tie fabulous “Oscar Viewing Gala, Dinner & Award” at the Hilton Hotel in Studio City Los Angeles, California.
The event moments include: Red Carpet, Media Interviews, Entertainments, Dinner, Oscars Screening, Award Ceremony, Gifting Suite, Sponsor Promotions, Fashion Show, Live Auction. We will have VIP lunge, Media and

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November 16, 2016 first digital media advertising system in Beverly Hills

first digital media advertising system in Beverly Hills

(Stars Marketing — November 15, 2016) —AVT, a Denver based Digital Video Technology Company has announced establishing a partnership with The Stars Marketing Group to launch its first digital media advertising system in Beverly Hills, California with 200 restaurant and gas station locations starting from Jan 2017


United States 


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October 27, 2016 Dr Erin Fall Haskell

Dr Erin Fall Haskell

(Stars Marketing — October 26, 2016) —

Doctorate in Divinity & Non-Denominational Minister (2016), New Thought Leader, Spiritual Practitioner,, Author, Transformational Speaker, Mother and Lover of Life! 

She is trained extensively in Maieutics (a Greek Oracle Process) by which she assists others to birth their truth.  Furthermore, she has her 9 rites in Shamanism and is a leader, visionary and a teacher of the laws of the Universe and Divine Principle.  Claiming her birthright of prosperity and abundance, she is a self-made millionaire, entrepreneur and an active philanthropist. A passionate interviewer of Great Minds, Spiritual Leaders, Holistic Practitioners, Holistic Practitioners, Conscious Entrepreneurs and Scientists.  She focuses on Body-Mind-Spirit Detox and Cleansing, the Consciousness Movement and bringing fun to “The Shift” in LaLa Land.  Bottom line, she attributes her happiness and fulfillment to the Divine Truth, which is not just knowing eternal truth, but living it!


United States 


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