Jayme Claire Music

(Stars Marketing — September 3, 2016) –At the tender age of seven, this charismatic twenty-something singer/songwriter knew that music sparked her world. Jayme grew up in Washington state active in the music community, until 2011. She was the first freshman to be accepted into her high school’s Select Choir program. For four years, this award-winning choir competed against other groups, which took them to places such as New York City’s Carnegie Hall and Cal State Fullerton. It was during those years that Jayme fine-tuned classical skills such as jayme-clair2aharmonizing and stretching her vocal range. In her senior year of high school, Jayme took vocal lessons from a trained jazz musician at Cornish College of Music in Seattle. Her passion for the American classics has made her a unique singer in that she fuses a classic style into many of her songs. She has often been referred to as an old soul by many who hear her. Since branching out as a solo artist, Jayme has performed at numerous venues, headlining at the historic Tacoma venue Jazz Bones on more than one occasion – including a two-and-a-half-hour headliner for their Memorial weekend bash. In 2013, Jayme Claire continued to pursue her passion for music, graduating from Pasadena’s California College of Music (CCM) with a degree in contemporary music. Jayme had the honor of learning from Kevin Dorsey, one of Michael Jackson’s director of music for twenty-five years. She has also been vocally trained by the legendary Oren Waters of “The Waters Family”, recently featured in Grammy-winning documentary 20 Feet from Stardom. After graduating, Jayme has continued to expand her performance skills by working with the legendary Peggi Blu, known by many as “American Idol’s vocal coach from hell, but really Heaven Sent!”